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BO-GO-DO = Buy One. Get One. DOnate.™

How it works:
For every item you order from the "Buy One" collection, you can choose an equal number of items from the "Get One" collection and we donate A portion of the profits to charity - it's that simple! Mix and match to your heart's content.

Join us in spreading fashion-forward goodness. Shop Grooves fashion and together we can change the world.

Check Out Our Pre-Exsisting Bundles

Below you will find pre-exsisting BO-GO-DO bundles featuring some of our most popular fashion combos . With every order you contribute to our Buy One. Get One. DOnate.™ campaign.

  • 8 Cool Ideas for How to Make Sustainable Fashion Affordable

    It is no secret that sustainable fashion can be pricey. While we all want to be more environmentally conscious, figuring out how to make sustainable fashion affordable can seem like an uphill battle.

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  • What Is Fast Fashion and Why Is It So Bad?

    what exactly is fast fashion? To put it simply, the term references cheap, trend-driven clothes and accessories that often reference major designers collections or celebrity culture, they are made in high volumes and at low cost which makes them readily available for a fraction of the price of the original.

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  • Made-To-Order Clothing Is The Antidote To Fast Fashion

    It’s 2022, and you’re ready to break up with fast fashion. Rewearing what you own, mending and tailoring pieces to infuse new life, and swapping clothes with friends are all a good start towards dressing more sustainably. Investing in pieces you’ll treasure is an effective first step.

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