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Grooves Fashion is a high quality fashion Company based in beautiful historic Woodstock, NY that focuses on made to order sustainable, eco friendlier products that feature custom patterns and art designed exclusively by our founder and owner. With our motto, Forward Movements Only™, we strive to inspire everyone to push on in life no matter how hard it gets.

Windproof Automatic Umbrella with Built-In Adjustable LED Flashlight

Introducing the ultimate Windproof LED Umbrella, perfect for all weather conditions. Offers superior UVA/UVB protection. Made from high-impact fabric, it can withstand strong winds & heavy precipitation.


$25 T-Shirts

Grooves Fashion $25 T-shirts come in different colors and with different designs on them. Get our 420 Tees, Inspirational Tees and more. Shipping to anywhere in the USA available.
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Tie Dye Mushroom Collection

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