About the Designer

Meet the owner and designer of Grooves Fashion

Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York in 1976 I was blessed to be born at the very beginning of the Rap/Hip Hop era and when Reggae music was beginning to spread out to the world. The 90’s dancehall scene is where my love for reggae music and where the idea for Jah Love Entertainment began. After years going in and out of jail I decided to change my life and began my forward movement in life. In 2017, after over 30 years of doing parties and concerts, I decided to make Jah Love Entertainment a reality. After 3 years of booking shows, events and parties under the Jah Love Entertainment banner I decided to pursue my dormant passion of designing my own fashion products so i started Grooves Fashion in 2019 with the release of my first sneaker design. From my early beginnings came most of my fashion influences. Bringing those influences to my company, I blend my love for old school music and my love for fashion to bring a fashion line that features custom designs and patterns, created by me, on high quality materials.